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Reports Aerofly Easyfly 3 - Product Iformation

Easyfly 3 - Product Iformation

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Note: This is not a Simulator that is tested by RCSIm.
The following text is just a product information.


The Easyfly 3 is based on the technique, design and flight characteristics of the  Award-winning
Aerofly Professional Deluxe Flight Simulator from Ikarus




Easyfly3 provides a perfect flight simulation for beginners, advanced pilots as well as for professionals. The complete spectrum of RC-model sports can be enjoyed in all it’s facets with exiting 3D- and breathtaking photo realistic sceneries.


Whether trainer model, 3D aerobatics machine, combustion or electric helicopter, glider or jet, the Easyfly 3 provided appropriate models for each pilot. His unique photo realistic sceneries allow, together with many setup possibilities a nearly perfect RC-simulation.


Try slope soaring at the well known area of the “Burg Teck” castle or practice new 3D manoeuvres in true aerobatic planes. Explore exiting areas in the 3D scenery using cockpit- or chasing view, or practice hovering with one of the many model helicopters.


The Easyfly 3 will inspire you. You practice your reflexes, you achieve valuable flight competence in a playful way on each daytime or season without any risk to damage your own models.


Easyfly 3 features: choose out of 8 fantastic sceneries, consisting of 7 unbelievable realistic photo sceneries (Augsburg, Pagefield, Omahawks, Castle, Teck, Marxzell Flugplatz, Golfdome Halle) and the 3D- island landscape of Hawaii with 4 landing spots. 31 detailed models like 3D aerobatic models, 3m TOC models, gliders, biplanes, slope gliders, slow- and shock flyers, combustion and electric helicopters, multi blade left and right rotating helicopters, jets, PPS-4D models and many more. Realistic reflections of the scenery on reflective model parts, fog- and smoke simulation, new light effects e.g. backlight, sound for gliders, cockpit mode with real instruments- Easy Plug and Play installation- autorotation training for helicopters, realistic damage of model when crashing.


Included: USB Interface cable for all radio types, software and manual.


Min. system requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD64 compatible CPU with min. 1, 5 GHz• 512 MB RAM• 1, 5 GB free hard disk space• CD-ROM Drive• OpenGL Version 2.0 compatible 3D Graphics adapter with 128 MB• 100% DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card• Windows 2000/XP/Vista with DirectX Version 9.0b or higher

• USB Port to connect the interface cable.


Recommended system requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD64 compatible CPU with min. 2, 0 GHz• 1 GB RAM• OpenGL Version 2.0 compatible 3D Graphics adapter with 256 MB

Note from RC-SIM.de: Up to now it is not possible to build and import any add-on models.



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